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Team Dumbbells Too!

The team at Dumbbells Too is built with people persons. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy building relationships with our members. We understand you have demanding jobs and other commitments, and we aim to provide an oasis for you during your work day.

Martha Pomares:

Martha Pomares says "train with me because of my extensive experience with all levels of fitness. I pay careful attention to the needs of each of my clients." Martha has many long time, satisfied training clients around our gym who can testify that she has helped them climb mountains, finish marathons, and perform better every day. She is also a multi-event winner at the Colorado State cycling championships.

Carrie Sowiak:

Carrie Sowiak is focused on her clients' needs. She is an IDEA Elite Personal Trainer with 20 years in the fitness industry. Carrie believes that exercise should be efficient and enjoyable! Incorporating hands-on stretching, yoga, and functional core training with a wide variety of exercises, her clients stay challenged and motivated. She teaches yoga classes, and likes to work with those who are new to fitness, feel their fitness task may be overwhelming, or those in some stage of injury rehab. Carrie is also a cheesehead, Go Packers!

Chelsea Wilkens:

Chelsea Wilkins played basketball in college, and knows the commitment required to compete at a high level. She remains dedicated to her own conditioning, as well as consistently encouraging all our members to achieve their own fitness goals. She is a total sports fan and is always ready for a trip to Vegas, where she can place her bets.

Bailey Wilkens:

Bailey Wilkins played basketball in HS and at Otero JC. She is still disciplined about working on both her cardio fitness and strength. She makes sure there is no drama at the Front Desk, and that Members have a consistent and carefree experience at the Club. She knows firsthand about "Working In, Working Out," because in addition to all her duties here at the Club, she is also Mom to her young son, Braylon.

Jodilyn Stuart:

Jodilyn Stuart is our superstar trainer and group ex instructor, whom we recently acquired her from Nashville, TN (for several future draft picks!) She can be found motivating our Members in her signature classes, Tabata Interval and Body Weight Boot Camp. Exhausted but happy class participants have often heard her favorite expression, "come on, you can do anything for 10 seconds!!!"

Julie Derry:

In addition to managing the operations at Dumbbells Too, Julie has a masters degree in exercise physiology and a doctoral degree in physical activity, is a certified trainer, and focuses on integrating physical fitness with emotional and spiritual fitness. She teaches several classes and trains members in her spare time. She loves dogs and light beer (in moderation!)

Doug Kidd:

Doug Kidd is the owner of DumbBells Too. He has been exercising regularly since high school and is married, with three daughters. In addition to a busy family life, he is also a refugee from the high pressure corporate world. Consequently, he has a thorough personal understanding of the challenges Members face as they juggle work and family obligations, while still making time for the mental and physical benefits of a consistent fitness regimen. Every year he picks one or two endurance events to motivate him and focus his training.